Kurs języka polskiego w Krakowie

The teachers of our school, native speakers, enthuse their students through their inspiring approach towards the Polish language, which makes a somewhat loose and warm atmosphere during classes. Well-qualified and fully-fledged teachers with sufficient experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language pass their knowledge by means of a variety of methods which are tailored to students' individual needs so that boredom never takes place in the lesson. 

Polish language learning for foreigners

The material covered during the course corresponds to the guidelines of the National Committee of Polish Language Competence Certification. The teaching contents are optimised so that lesson units constitute a coherent whole encompassing grammar, lexis, writing, listening and above all communication (speaking, listening and reading comprehension). Teaching is based on the coursebook entitled Hurra!!! Po polsku. However, what really enriches the whole learning process are various interactive materials, multimedia presentations, games and plays, authentic articles or so-called pop-culture texts. 

Polish language courses in Profi-Lingua

A large emphasis is laid upon conversation, therefore each lesson unit begins or ends with a short chat in which the whole group takes part. It lets break the ice while communicating in the Polish language as well as streadily improve and further streamline other linguistic skills. 

As far as the scope of the subject matter is concerned, different matters concerning everyday life situations are raised including shopping, living, family, work, travelling. Moreover, students have an opportunity to learn about Polish customs and traditions as weel as satisfy their curiosity regarding geography, food and history. In addition, they can present their own culture to other course participants. 

How do we teach?

Homeworks constitute a lesson extension and their role is not only to systematise and consolidate the acquired knowledge from the lesson but more often than not they require creativity and hence increased concentration. The knowledge acquired throughout the course is constantly and consistently monitored and checked through regular testing. The tests results are discussed and all inconsistenscies are meticulously clarified and explained. The classes take place in small groups which is conducive to better and more intensive contact with the teacher. There is also a possibility to participate in a one-to-one course. 

We would like to welcome everyone and in particular all those who claim that the Polish language is solely a cluster of crackling noises and sounds as well as a large number of exeptions only (which are somewhat to confirm the rule)! After the course in Profi-lingua they will be convinced that Polish people are not 'beetles and crickets' after all, but they do speak a unique language which is worth learning and exploring. 

Polish for foreigners Kraków- contact:

Karolina Szyk 

kszyk@profi-lingua.pl, tel. 12 426-16-01/02/03

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