Wakacyjny kurs polskiego w Łodzi

Wakacyjne kursy polskiego w Łodzi, Polish for foreigners Łódź

We are among the top successful language schools in Poland. We have 21 years of experience in language teaching and training in classroom and in-company environment. 
Our branches are located in the city centers.


We have implemented Profi-Lingua Quality Control System - the procedures and rules that guarantee high quality of our language courses.

The quality is confirmed by our customers, who have cooperated with us for years and recommend us to further clients. We have been granted several important rewards and distinctions for quality of teaching and for customer service quality as well.


We concentrate on communication and teach grammar in the realistic context related to everyday life. The emphasis is on the development of your language skills to enable you to follow a conversation, ask questions and read a simple text.


Our tutors are graduates of linguistic studies and specialize in Polish as a foreign language. They are Polish and can speak at least one foreign language. We give your Polish the opportunity to be developed by the team of high-qualified and experienced teachers with outstanding interpersonal skills.

We guarantee effective classes and nice atmosphere while learning.

Choose the best summer course for you:

1. One semester in one month

An intensive course that gives you opportunity to strengthen your language skills in a short time. This way you will be able to start next school year at a higher level. During the course you will extend your vocabulary and improve your speaking abilities. You will be more self-confident in social and in professional situations in Poland.

2. One year in two months

An intensive two-month course that allows you to fully control the scope of the material performed during the entire school year. During the course you will build your language skills in the natural communication environment. You will start to speak Polish.

3.Conversation course in two weeks    

Conversation classes are designed to enable you to discuss interesting topics and learn new vocabulary. Above all you will develop the ability to communicate in Polish.

4. Face to Face

An individual Polish course that is perfectly adjusted to your needs. You decide on the dates of meetings with the teacher, as well as, on the pace of learning and the scope of the material.


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