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Kurs języka polskiego w Tarnowie

Learn Polish with Profi-Lingua Tarnów! Ucz się polskiego w Profi-Lingua w Tarnowie!

Polish is believed to be one of the most difficult languages to master. Why? Well, maybe because of the seven cases used for each of the nouns which, together with three different genders, make every foreigner too scared of the challenge to take it up. However, with Profi-Lingua teachers it can be as easy to learn as any other language! 

How do we teach Polish?

Our teachers know that grammar is not the first to be taught. It's the vocabulary and pronunciaton that you need in order to communicate your needs, thoughts and opinions. We teach real Polish for you to go and test your knowledge with real people in real life situations!  Our courses are run in small groups or face-to-face classes, which means they are tailor-made, both in their content and form as well as time and frequency.

Intriqued? Would like to give it a go?

Contact us on tarnow@profi-lingua.pl or via phone 721-221-229. 

If you've already gained some knowledge of our beautiful language and would like to know more about Polish for foreigners classes, test yourself at  http://www.profi-lingua.pl/placement/ absolutely free of charge and we'll contact you within 48 hours!

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