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Profi-Lingua has been present on the market for more than 27 years. During this time, we have supported thousands of participants in developing their passion for languages. The teaching experience gained over the years translates into efficacy and satisfaction – our students’ exam pass rate stands at 95%-100%. Great outcome of our students result from the unique system of monitoring their individual progress. Profi-Lingua Quality Control, is the guarantee of success during examinations. Furthermore, our students are provided with access to services such as: Student’s Zone, e-Platform,  library and multimedia library, which make learning more pleasant and effective.


We offer a wide selection of language courses at all levels. Both European and exotic foreign languages are taught by our highly qualified teachers and native speakers. A course of Polish as a foreign language is also on offer in our schools. In Profi-Lingua we teach using the communicative approach, which is based on developing  four main linguistic skills, namely: listening comprehension, reading, writing and, most importantly, fluent and correct  speaking. During classes, our teachers are mainly focused on natural communication in real-life and professional situations.

Languages we teach:

Polish for foreigners

in our school we teach different languages too:

English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Chinese, Dutch, Arabic, Ukrainian

Take a free language placement test that is absolutely non-binding. The test will let us verify your knowledge in the chosen language and, with the help of a teacher, we will be able to advise you which group to join.


Free language test - find out on what level you are!

All our schools are authorized to conduct language certification examinations. Profi-Lingua is  Cambridge English Language Assessment Exam Preparation Centre, an accredited examination centre of  telc (The European Language Certificates) and LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry). We offer FCE, CAE, CPE, telc and LCCI exam preparation courses during which we share the knowledge of how to obtain a dreamed-of certificate.

We have prepared a special offer for our students:

Second language for free – one foreign language is not enough? You bet! With that in mind our students get free classes of a second foreign language with a one-year course (you can choose one from six languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian). During those free classes you will learn essential vocabulary and how to use it in everyday situations such as: ordering a meal in a restaurant, renting a flat, buying tickets or saying hello. Not only will you learn some vocabulary and basic grammar, but also get to know the culture and customs of the country in which the language of your choice is spoken.

Free of charge learning package – in Profi-Lingua we give you more than the course. In addition to it each our student gets an extended free of charge learning package which will help them boost their linguistic competences.


Fixed discounts – choose our discount offer! If you are a university student, continuing a course or beginning a course on a second language – we have discounts for you! Ask for details at our reception desk.


What have we prepared for you?

  • Free conversational classes

Thanks to those extra, free conversational classes you will break the mould of communication barrier and start speaking fluently exchanging opinions with other participants on the topics chosen by a Polish teacher or a native speaker. Your course is in English but you wish to practise Italian? No problem: you can choose from all languages we offer conversational classes in.


  • Grammar workshops

Those workshops are based on practising grammatical structures in both oral and written form. Our teachers offer a variety of activities and extra materials to ease the process of learning and understanding for you.


  • Phonetic workshops

Would you like to sound like a native? Our phonetic workshops will help you master the pronunciation, intonation and accent.



  • Tutorials with your teacher or a head of studies

Do you need to make up for a test or issues covered during  the course? All of our teachers offer office hours of tutorials. You will find more information on your school noticeboard and in the Student’s Zone.


  • Student’s Zone

Thanks to it you can revise and consolidate the material covered during the lessons. You can access activities and tests adjusted to your level online. The Student’s Zone is  of great help when you are absent or revise the material before a test.


  • Library

Choose from 500 items of world  literature – books in all languages and at different levels. You will surely find some nice read!



  • Multimedia Library

You can choose from movies in original version with a possibility of selecting audio tracks or subtitles.



Check Profi-Lingua locations! Phone us or visit our schools situated in the biggest cities in Poland such as: Warszawa, Łódź, Kraków, Wrocław, Katowice, Sosnowiec, Bytom, Gliwice, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Poznań, Szczecin, Tarnów and Lublin.

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