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Jeśli nie znasz odpowiedzi, przejdź do kolejnego pytania.

1. She _____ . She’s a student.

2. Sue is from London. _____ parents are English.

3. ‘Where is Tommy?’ ‘He _____ his bike.

4. ‘Does your sister have a car?’ ‘Yes, she _____’.

5. They _____ a pizza. They had pasta.

6. I _____ Rome but I want to go there next year.

7. I have known my best friend _____ 5 years.

8. I'm _____ my sister.

9. ‘Why are you so red?’ ‘I _____ ’.

10. She’ll get cold if she _____ a coat.

11. I _____ get the bus to work, but now I drive.

12. I won't do it _____ you help me. I can't do it myself!

13. The British _____ on the left.

14. On my way home I stopped _____.

15. I suggest _____ that.

16. Look! It _____ rain.

17. Despite _____ short, he makes a superb player.

18. By the end of the year I _____ off my loan.

19. I wish I _____ more food! I’m starving!

20. If they _____ a map, they wouldn't have got lost.

21. The match had been planned for Tuesday, but it was _____ due to the terrible weather.

22. Tom denied _____ Jerry.

23. He _____ her of marrying him for his money.

24. Have you seen my keys? Someone _____ them!

25. No sooner _____ the room than the baby started crying.

26. Cleopatra is said _____ very beautiful.

27. After the accident I had to _____ my car. It could not be repaired.

28. It is advisable to remove the protective wrap _____ initial use.

29. Our working lives, especially as a result of computer technology are in a state of _____.

30. In its _____ the town had a population of 100 thousand.

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